We are a high-end luxury skincare, makeup and hair care retailer that appeals to our international clientele. We are known for our trendy, fresh on the market, and limited edition items. We created Été Papillon one sunny day in Cape Town, South Africa and later began selling from Miami, Florida. 
  Été Papillon translates to 'Summer Butterfly' in French. As many of you may know, our founder has spent many U.S. summers in the winters of Southern Africa. Due to the pandemic, she was unable to spend another winter back "home". However for YOU (wherever you are), it is a plus as we can rapidly source and ship items quickly.
Our store is influenced by the Fashion and beauty industry as this where we've gotten our start. Our aim is to offer our international clientele access to authentic luxury skincare and makeup. We truly want every one of you to have a great experience, and receive your authentic products swiftly.
We curate a collection of packaging from various brands to reduce our carbon footprint as we strive for a zero-waste and sustainable environment.  
  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for purchasing from us directly and, through other platforms. 
Été Papillon would not be if it wasn't for you beauties!