Soap Brows | West Barn Co.


Just in case you haven’t heard about this little old Hollywood-inspired wonder, Soap Brows was created to style brushed up eyebrows. Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand, or you are rocking that bushy look, this brow soap will help you to style your eyebrows however you like; whether you want fluffy eyebrows, natural brows or a more groomed look.


Anyone with eyebrows. Seriously.

How It’s Done

Grab your favourite Facial Mist along with the bamboo spoolie that comes with your Soap Brows and your lovely little white tin. One spritz is more than enough because you don’t want the brow soap to get too wet. Use the spoolie to gather some product until it becomes paste-like then coat your eyebrow hairs. Leave for a minute or so then go back and shape. Now reach for your phone and take a selfie because your brows are killing it.

Don’t fret if you feel like your Soap Brows kit isn’t working for you - it can take a little time to work out how much brow soap you need to keep your eyebrows in place. Practice makes perfect.