BH Cosmetics Glam Reflection Gilded

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Embrace the elegance of our Glam Reflection 15 Color Shadow Palette in Gilded. This sophisticated collection of dazzling hues is perfect for creating divine makeup designs with delicate accents that take the throne, day and night. Blend and layer creamy mattes, then add stylish dimension with shimmers that capture the light for a goddess-like effect. Adorn yourself in glimmering gold, bronze, and copper and earthy neutrals like sepia, apricot, and vermilion to achieve a precious metal effect and design your most lustrous looks. Reveal your Glam Reflection and show off every facet of your own unique brilliance.


One of the palettes we have in stock, happens to have a broken mirror. The rest of the palette is undamaged. Therefore, that specific palette will be priced lower.